Linda hardy, his idyllic with a younger man: “20 years younger.”

Linda hardy, his idyllic with a younger man:

In the series tomorrow belongs to us (tf1,) the character embodied by linda hardy falls madly in love with a much younger man. During a Sunday interview, the former Miss france was entrusted to the time she was seduced by a man much younger than her. “It happened to me, 20 years younger,” she told our colleagues in the Friday 29 April 2021 edition.

“Unlike my character in the series, I don’t think I’m able to let it go for a younger 15-20-year-old man, especially because of the eyes of others. Single for more than three years, linda hardy explains that she has not yet found a shoe on her foot, so that she ensures that she understood “long ago that it was no longer necessary to imagine it”. The only thing I can say is that I fantasize it happy and in shape,” adds the 47-year-old actress.

In the past, linda hardy lived “a pretty story” with the rocker johnny hallyday in 1994. For the time being, linda hardy is a single mom, which is largely enough to mislead her daily life. If I had to meet someone, it would be a nice surprise but I’m not looking,” she had entrusted to a match bet interview in 2019.find the full interview of linda hardy in the last issue of france on Sunday.