Line Papin : Marc Lavoine, “the person most capable of understanding” his anorexia

Paris Match devotes One of its last issue to the marriage surprise Line Papin and Marc Lavoine. On the 25th of July last, they were married in the mairie of the Fifth arrondissement of Paris. For the occasion, the couple of artists has delivered details on the beginnings of its history. First they met in the studios of France Inter, and the numerous invitations to dinner declined and this famous first meeting at Montmartre, who will be the first of many.

In the course of an evening, Line Papin and Marc Lavoine entrust themselves deeply to one another. He tells him of all the deaths in his life, including his parents, “a cemetery”. It, she talks about her anorexia for the first time, which she calls “the memory is unacceptable”. The author then show him a portrait of her 15-year-old, extremely skinny, unrecognizable. “Leaning on the corridor of death,” she wrote later, according to Paris Match.

“This is the first time that I was talking about. I showed him this photo because I felt it was the most appropriate person to understand. And then I wanted him to say : ‘Attention'”. Marc Lavoine go home, and struggling to get to sleep. “I said to myself : “You don’t have the right to make unfortunate a second time the woman who is on this photo. You can’t tell him that you love him if this is not true. Take a look at yourself well and answer”. It then sends a message : “We’re going to stop in and see us”. She responds : “You are me dismiss ? This is not nice”. He explains : “I’m not nice. I am in love with. So if you approach me, you should know”.

“From there, we entered in something very strong,” recalls Line Papin. From this evening, Marc Lavoine be able to sing under her window in the evening and embark on walks in Paris. “It makes me think of the things I do the more the habit of thinking, out of laziness or because it is better to put the dust under the carpet…”, had beautifully entrusted Marc Lavoine, now husband of the talented writer.

Find the interview attached of Marc Lavoine and Line Papin in the latest issue of Paris Match.

Line Papin recalls more details of her anorexia in her book, the bones of The girls (Inventory), published on may 3, 2019. “I wanted to lose weight to disappear”, she had even explained to Release. “During the third fight, with anorexia, since it is a disease in which one refuses to feed, and all that remains are the bones on the skin. It is true that this is really the thread of my book,” confided she also during her stint in The great library.