Loana and her daughter mindy: “we’re rusty”

Loana and her daughter mindy:

Now released from the severe Covid-19 that hit it, the winner of loft story 1 (2001) is planning to come back under the spotlight. After giving her news on instagram, she once again made a move to my position (C8) on May 5, 2021 to talk about her health. She also mentioned her daughter mindy.

For two weeks, loana was hospitalized because of coronavirus. But once again, she went away and plans to enjoy life 100%. I want to do a lot of things, I’ve got lots of plans.

I was taking too much pity, thinking too much about the past and not paying attention to the future and the present. I want to go better, I want to mincir, to do sports, to become the one I was. Since these five days of coma, I want a healthy life, a marriage, a baby, a lot of things,” she said.

After Jean-Edouard said what he thought about the situation or that steevy, in tears, regretted that she did not accept her help, géraldine mallet asked her where she was with her daughter. But I don’t want to talk about it,” said loana. As a reminder, loana got pregnant while she was still very young and, to make no arrangements, her baby’s father was the best friend of the man she was with.

After her birth, the 43-year-old blonde made the biological father believe that mindy had died of sudden infant death. She ended up entrusting her to the ddass and since then, she’s never seen her again.