Loana ravaged by Covid-19: “I thought I was going to die”

Loana ravaged by Covid-19:

After complicated months, the loft story winner is doing everything to find a healthier life, away from her toxic entourage. The 43-year-old star was present this Wednesday, May 5th, in no way touch my post to give news and restore several truths about his last hospitalization. Loana started by reassured everyone by stating that “it’s better” but if she always feels tired.

She then detailed her fight against coronavirus: “For a week I was at 41 fever, more taste, more smell, loss of balance. I thought I was gonna die. (…) I fell into a five-day coma with a minimal cardiac arrest.

It was the hardest time in my life and the one I suffered most, after my daughter’s birth. His passage on tpmp was also an opportunity to see Jean-Edouard, 20 years after loft story. In an interview with the Swiss newspaper in the morning, earlier this week, the pretty blonde said: “I stayed there two weeks.

I had a heart arrest, five days of coma, and I had a lung infection. “It was because of this hospitalization that the young woman could not be present at the 20-year show of loft story. A painfully lived absence for loana: “I don’t believe that I missed the most important day of my life, because I had the covid.

At that time, I saw on the internet that sylvie totega said that I had not gone there because I would have asked 30,000 euros and that the chain had refused.” It is true that the relations between loana and sylvie totega have been complicated for several months, and the telereal candidate does not forgive the accusations of the widow of ludovic chancel: “it is gross, I was in a coma. She was the source of bad articles on the internet.

I called the lofts to explain the situation to them. I really did a heart arrest. ”