Loana, several pounds less after his hospitalization: “I lost a lot of weight”

Loana, several pounds less after his hospitalization:

Loana petrucciani is back! After having been hospitalized because of the Covid-19, the winner of the 1st loft story (2001) season is finally back home. And she gave her news on an interview for the morning.

On April 8, 2021, Bennjamin castaldi found former participants of loft story in order to celebrate the twenty years of the program. If Jean-Edouard, the couple formed by julie and christophe or steevy answered present, loana was to the absent subscribers. An absence that intrigued his fans who hoped to see her on the stage in order to come back to the adventure that changed her life.

So the most beautiful day of my life, I was in a coma,” she said in video, on instagram. Readers learned that loana was hospitalized for two weeks. I had a heart arrest, five days of coma, and I had a lung infection.

I lost a lot of weight too. Loana not totally surrendered of the Covid-19Today, loana is slowly recovering from this virus that could have made her lose life. I was in a coma when I was recording the 20-year show of loft story.

I don’t think I missed the most important day of my life, because I had the covid,” she concluded the subject. Now that she’s back home, loana is again active on instagram. In fact, these last few months have not been simple for the mother of mindy.

After being violently violent by her ex-Cauvin, according to her words, she has been in psychiatric clinics. So all fear that she will not live an enema descent to hell.