Lodo Guenzi: “we Now know that the enemy is not the migrant, but the virus arrived in first class”

It’s called Autocertificanzone the last single de The Social State, an instant song in times of isolation, when for weeks we could go out only if in possession of a self, in fact. The band of Alberto Cazzola, Lodovico Guenzi, Alberto Guidetti, Enrico, Roberto and Francesco Draicchio is one of those which in recent years has succeeded, first of all, to break the boundaries between independent and mainstream, with the apex of the second place at the Sanremo festival, but with a career and a fan base solid behind. “Give me an appointment, even if it is prohibited At the medical department of a supermarket Just in the hallway for a stolen kiss To remind us that the world is not finished yet” sing in the song that he was sent to the preview in the supermarkets, in fact, for weeks place of socialization and who was forced into the house. In a direct Fanpage.en Lodo spoke about the situation of the music industry Italian, and recalled Mirko Fao of the Camillas, who passed away due to complications from a coronavirus.

Having regard to the decree of Raise you think you can, in any way, to rethink the machine of the concerts?

Yes, of course, you can retool the machine, the problem is that at this moment it seems that there is no intention to rethink. The first thing that happened when they announced the first decree is that many, many gigs have been definitively cancelled, because those modes were impractical in addition to being an economic suicide. Some things you can rephrase, not all, however: you can make the Ascanio Celestini, but it is hard to do “Romeo and Juliet” without physical contact, and then of those that do, if they are not able to be Celestini, what will they do in life? All this to say that I do not claim a reading that is complex, but necessary to the cultural theme.

Materially, as it will have repercussions on those who live off music?

We think in terms of the market: Social Status and was working on a busload of people? Ok, I’m at home, it is not a problem, but these 50 people, now what do we do? Them ricollochiamo crafts neighbouring? We set up a fund so that they have a parachute in times of an emergency? We change the formulas of their contracts? No, let’s say that it starts with the concerts that we do.

Then, I ask you, are created a variety of initiatives, on several fronts: what you can do in this moment? You can open new tables with the Government?

There is a need to open a table on various topics: there is that technicians do not work for 12 months do not have a euro, but you have to for example give them the possibility, as are approving in some european Countries, to be replaced in the workshops and in the circles close. Then there is a need for a table in the artists in which we think about how to rephrase the shows. This does not solve the problem of the technicians, because if you are playing in a bar in front of 50 people, do not physiologically from work to the 25 people who follow me when I go to do a festival. In short, am I able to reformulate a summer with five dates with 10 thousand people in 60 dates 80 people sitting at a table with a beer? Ok, you can do that, the problem is I think that that is the show. Not that the show is to stand a metre away in a space t30 thousand people used to a thousand without even being able to eat and drink.

You are one of those who believes in the rhetoric of the we’ll learn something?

Look, according to me is something we can learn, rather something we have learned: this experience may be the equivalent, in the private health, of what once was Chernobyl with the discourse on nuclear power. The next time someone raises the hand relating to private Health care, perhaps, for him to cut.

Only a problem of health?

No, another food for thought is the fact that they are 10 years old that tell us that the enemy comes on of the boats, the poor, etc, and, instead, the only enemy who has hurt everyone he has traveled in business class and makes no distinction of gender, class, religion. This thing, I hope we will remember.

The pandemic has taken away a friend, Mirko, and the Fao of the Camillas. What did Mirko for the musical world?

With Mirko, and we were friends, even much more, even if not best friends. In the sense that he was the bridge for all of us to the reason, the most pure and joyful that we do this in life. If you at some point did you feel like eating urgency and more or less market – you do the numbers, Sanremo, talent, etc -at a certain point, you remembered why you do it. Do it because what is beautiful and what makes you laugh Mirko Fao that sudden “730mila euro” [the song of the Camillas] saying “I’m in the bike, are in motion”, by interrogating a child who is there for the event, in a bar at the event on the adriatic coast that is there without knowing who he is and they love each other. This thing is magic and this magic has affected us and many others: Calcutta, another grew up with them, the PopX, Colombre, that is not felt in a long time. Mirko was really the polo for us all to remember why we do all this. Colombre told me this, that at some point we split up, and the only one who reminded us that the things we do for love and not for the other one it was Mirko.