Loft Story : A candidate, a former drug addict and bipolar

In 2009, Gabriel Julien participated to Loft Story, season 6. A second tv game show, since he had already, two years earlier been a candidate in double Occupancy, reality tv show, in quebec, of which he had emerged winner. Eleven years after the television show French, Gabriel, Julien gives her new fellow of the Journal de Montréal.

For years, addiction and alcohol have been an integral part of the daily life of the Canadian 36-year-old. Over time, and while it is subject to the psychoses, Gabriel Julien has learned that he suffered of bipolarity in 2011. After a stay in a psychiatric institute, he has launched I walk for mental health. The project is simple : a thirty year old goes through each street of Montreal walk since may 18, 2019 in order to raise awareness, particularly through his testimony, the issues related to the mental illness. “Physical activity is so good for mental health,” he says. So, if I can walk and inspire people to do the same, to move and to be active, this is great !”

Without my family I would be dead

Gabriel Julien comeback. He who brings her aid to the sick has long suffered. He made four psychoses because of its bipolarity, mixed with the consumption of cocaine and alcohol. “When I was in Mexico, in the midst of a crisis, we had to tie me and transfer me to a clinic so that I regain my senses, before I could make it back in the helicopter, he remembers. It is important to know that everyone can make a psychosis. When one does not sleep for several days, and that we consume drugs, our body ends up exploding.”

Today, everything is finished. “There has been a lot of fun associated with this time period. But with age, one realizes that everything, including the relationships that it builds, it is ephemeral and that, in the end, it’s only fill us with sadness. When consumed, all the emotions are exacerbated, but this is not real life, he warns. The upside of this fun is very difficult. It is a battle that will be there all my life. It happens to me occasionally consume alcohol, but there is obviously more of cocaine.”

And this is because it is well surrounded that he has managed to pop its head out of the water. “Without my family, I would be dead”, he says. During his recovery, Gabriel Julien was rediscovered. “My new me allows me to love and help others. It is less stress, less anxiety. My self-esteem, I do try to find it here and there ; it is here, with me, now,” he concludes.