Lola Marois criticized on her age, she reframes the “fools”

A woman of character, Lola Marois is not the kind to let them walk all over you. Then when people criticize her behavior, or worse, put the emphasis on her age, the wife of Jean-Marie Bigard does not hesitate to crop it, dryly and without any scruples.

May 23, 2020, the mother of the twins Jules and Bella (7 years) has made the bitter experience when she has published a series of photographs in homage to one of her friends who was celebrating his birthday. One of its subscribers, not very aware of the personality of Lola, has allowed a note to be very moved on the age of the actress, the More beautiful life under the impression she was too old to indulge in this kind of publications. Via a private message, it was sent to the former candidate of the issuance of A dinner almost perfect : “At the age of 36 it’s serious.”

Whose turn is it ?

A few words that triggered the anger of Lola. Furibonde, the actress has blocked the user before you repost the message to its subscriber in the story. Story notify its subscribers about what it accepts or not and prevent any new similar messages, it has cautioned its followers by writing : “a Lot of people obtuse, claims and aigries by life have been in this day blocked from my Instagram and must even go out to pour their venom on other accounts as joyous as mine. Whose turn is it ? I am very hot today !”

To complete the post, the beautiful blonde has taken a quote from Jacques Brel, evoking elegantly the stupidity of some people : “It is necessary to escape the gravity of fools, and with all his strength… it’s an adventure, it’s almost a game”.

Jean-Marie Bigard, another rant noticed

Married since 2011, Lola and Jean-Marie are both known to have a fiery temperament. In fact, just recently, comedian 66-year-old had pushed a rant against the government, saying that in this time of pandemic, France was led by “clowns”. He did not understand the strategy of the government and urged the president to open new bars and restaurants. Called directly by Emmanuel Macron, the message Jean-Marie seems to be spent as the spouse of Brigitte Macron had told him : “You’re right, we’ll change our strategy.”

Ridiculed by some journalists after this call, Jean-Marie has cropped his critics with a clear and concise message : “I may not be the card press, but for me I still have a pair of balls.” At least it is clear !