Lorella Cuccarini, Alba Parietti, Anna Falchi and all the other at Sanremo start the party vip…

San remo means the Italian song Festival. but also parties, party, vip… And so, here’s the first evening galm. With so many famous guests. And also someone who pits…

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LORELLA, ALBA AND ANNA… REDIVIVE – TO lead the charge of vip for the evening, here’s Lorella Cuccarini, Alba Parietti and Anna Falchi: star redivive thanks also to the Festival. That can not miss in this occasion. Well-known faces, maybe sometimes rejected, but always welcome to Sanremo. Where there is a place for everyone.

Lorella Cuccarini, the you remember when it was so?

THE OTHER VIP GUESTS – Among the other vip guests of the party RaiPubblicità, here is Nunzia De Girolamo (who now has set aside permanently the policy to be in showbiz), Francesco Facchinetti (with new gray hair in the head) with his wife Wilma Helena Faissol, and Miss Italy Carolina Stramare (to raise dramatically the rate of beauty and lower the average age). In short, Sanremo is also a… party!

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