Louis C. K. accused of sexual harassment : Blanche Gardin break the silence !

She knows how to laugh at everything, even small legal problems of his companion. Blanche Gardin lives a romance of the Atlantic with the star of the stand-up american, Louis C. K. Gold, in 2017, the comedian has been accused by at least five women, including Sarah Silvermann of sexual harassment – he had masturbated in front of them. Actions issues that it has itself confirmed. “He spoke for thirty-five years about his sexuality objectionable,” says his companion in the columns of the magazine Télérama. Moreover, I consider that one of the definitions of feminism is the freedom of women to dispose of their ass.”

Louis C. K. has always been able to count on the support of the Blanche Gardin. “I did nothing forgiven of all of this, admitting to it. I have come to reconcile all of that with who I am. That is nothing compared to what they have to manage, because of me.” But his love story with his little frenchie does not appear to be tainted by this affair sordid. Their romance sounds rather like a no-brainer.

How to Blanche Gardin as she seduces Louis C. K. ?

“In a video, I had seen him in short : he had the same birth mark as me on the inside of the right knee, the precise Blanche Gardin. I went to New York to meet him, but without success. To Caesar, when I wore a badge with his portrait, we knew always not. And then I thanked him for his inspiration to the ceremony of the Molieres. He wrote to me and, after a few emails exchanged, he came to dinner with me in Paris…” Like what, give little winks to Louis C. K. has become a habit. Couple with the american, she had confessed on the stage of the Folies Bergère, the 14th of may last, it was hoped that this technique always works. “This year, I was really at the heart of thank Bradley Cooper, ironisait it then. His work made me feel really, really inspired. And then I’m sick of Louis force me to watch it when he masturbates…”

Find the interview of Blanche Gardin in the magazine “Télérama”, n°3684 of August 19, 2020.