Love is in the pre-2020 : The key novelties of the season 15

On march 9, viewers were able to discover thirteen new farmers who have tried their luck in season 15 of The love is in the meadow. In spite of the large delay due to the Covid-19 and the containment, the filming of the speed-dating, and stays at the farm have been curly. On Wednesday 19 August 2020, the presenter lighthouse, Karine Le Marchand, told more about what is to be expected on the occasion of the press conference. And fans of the show country of M6 may be surprised !

Speed-dating rethought

In fact, everything changes this year in The love is in the meadow, starting with the opening of the mail. Usually, Karine Le Marchand finds all the farmers at this crucial moment in the adventure, which are brought together to discover the letters of their contenders and pretenders. Well, it’s now finished ! The season will begin directly on the famous speed-dating. And the candidates love hurts will discover alone from their home mail, which will also be shown in the form of a flashback. “There were always farmers who, when they had finished reading their letters, had put their grain of salt, déconcentraient the other. It was painful because of the strong personalities influenced the personalities impressionable while he is the love of their life. However, if they had had all the time they wanted and having no influence whatever, maybe they would have chosen other people on other criteria. Of course, it makes the sequences less funny, less touching, which does not take a lot of place in the timeline, but, in the end, the participants will have chosen to meet that they had wanted“, has justified this choice by Karine Le Marchand.

Karine Le Marchand is out of the shadow

What’s more, it will for the first time in meetings between farmers and contenders from a separate room, in which she will comment on their deeds and actions. A real strong point for the producer Deborah Huet. “Karine was always Doctor Love in the shadows. We do not see enough.” It may well meet the contenders and pretenders since the beginning of the adventure and will be able to advise farmers on the margins of their appointment. A renewal very refreshing !

A farmer gets a second chance

In addition, the team of love is in the meadow is given some freedoms, such as by agreeing to address a letter on the late. “During filming of the season, we had a farmer who didn’t go super well with his mistresses. And we received a mail which seemed to us so strong, is it not obvious compared to him, thatwe have set up a new film to submit to this person. We didn’t want it to wait the balance sheet“, a-t-on learned.

For the time being, no specific date of broadcast has not been announced but Karine, The Merchant had referred to the month of September last July…