Lucien Jean-Baptiste : “I have been fortunate not to have known my father also”

July 22, 2020, Elsa Zylberstein, and Lucien Jean-Baptiste have made a comeback in cinema, in the family comedy are Adorable. In this “war of roses” between a mother and her daughter, actor and director, 56-year-old plays the role of Victor, a daddy cool, who leaves willingly his ex-wife to manage the conflict with their teenager in crisis. A character for which the actor is directly inspired by his own role as a father with his three children.

After his birth in Martinique, Lucien Jean-Baptiste was raised by his mother in the paris suburbs. A childhood without a dad that has greatly influenced the family life of the actor, when he became a father in his turn : “I’ve been lucky enough not to have known my father, and suddenly, I had no method, so I did my method, and I did as I would have dreamed that my father does with me,” he confided to A very different experience from that experienced by his partner in the film, Elsa Zylberstein, who remembers having been raised by “a dad is very hard, very authoritarian, leaving no place to any crisis of ado.

A dad “softened”, (almost) a feminist

First union, Lucien Jean-Baptiste is the father of a great boy named Bilal, with whom he put on “lots of dialogue”. On the other hand, with the two youngest children of 8 and 10 years old, which he shares with his wife Aurélie Nollet, education is more cool, so this is not necessarily intentional : “I am softened, I am getting older.”

At home, the actor is split between the fair and equitable sharing of domestic tasks and the feeling that it is sometimes “preferable” to let his wife take him by the hand : “It is true that I let a lot of things to my current wife, has explained the star of The First Star. I understood that, sometimes, it is better to say ‘As you want sweetheart’ rather than ‘No, I’m not agree’. I don’t take my wife to a noodle, but sometimes, on certain things, my wife has much more common sense and logic than me. Me, at the cinema, I know about things, but at home…”

So far, the actor denounces this attitude somewhat resigned : “I find that it is an attitude of guy to hide behind the fact that you, women, you know better, don’t give a fuck (…). My mother raised six children all alone, so I have always been on the side of women. But I’m one of the bad boys also, sometimes I hide and sometimes I complain of the things of daily life.”

Lucien Jean-Baptiste and Elsa Zylberstein in the comedy Adorable, performed by Solange Cicurel, as of July 22, 2020, at the cinema.