Luigi Berlusconi marries the historic girlfriend Federica Fumagalli: all the details on the wedding of the year

Luigi Berlusconi, youngest of the former premier, Silvio and Veronica Lario, and the historic girlfriend Federica Fumagalli have finally decided: as mentioned earlier Today , you marry really. With a ceremony that promises to be fantastical, in Milan, next fall – HISTORY |

Luigi Berlusconi and Federica Fumagalli, burning passion on the yacht

THE MARRIAGE – AND so, after almost ten years of engagement, Luigi Berlusconi and Federica Fumagalli have posted publications of marriage in Milan. A sign that they really decided to get married, to have established the date and that will be next autumn. In reality, they would have to get married already this summer, but with the emergence coronaviruses have preferred to move a few months the fateful yes.

Luigi Berlusconi and Federica Fumagalli, romantic dinner, but a few smiles…

THEY met IN UNIVERSITY – Luigi Berlusconi has 32 years and is involved in the world of finance. Federica Fumagalli has a year less of him, and of the profession is the Pr. They met very young, when both were attending the Bocconi university in milan and now they are ready for the big step. Even if, over the years, it seems that they have experienced different highs and lows…

Luigi Berlusconi and Federica Fumagalli, that kisses on the streets of Milan!

LOVE TRIUMPHS – But, in the end, the love triumph between Luigi Berlusconi and Federica Fumagalli. After the proposal of marriage on Christmas day of last year, and all of it was postponed (and only postponed) because Covid-19. After the publications, they have six months to tie the knot at a wedding. But the proverbial well-informed claim that to be held by next Christmas.

Luigi Berlusconi and Federica Fumagalli, their love was born that way

CONFIDENTIALITY – AND the strong point of the pair seems to be, incredible to say, confidentiality. Luigi Berlusconi is certainly the less showy of the family of his father Silvio, and mother Veronica Lario. Luigi has a single interview to his credit for the magazine Style of Corriere della Sera. When he was only 19 years old: almost a sin of youth. After that, nothing else. And Federica Fumagalli reserved in the same way: a career started in the communication and in the organization of events, but does not appear practically never. Usually, those who do his work, tries to show himself next to famous people. She no. Care (or have cared) with success, the image of people of the calibre of Alessandro Cattelan or Fiammetta Cicogna, Francesca Cavallin or Caterina Balivo, but without appearing ever, not to mention never. Now, you go to great steps towards marriage. That promises to be fantamsgorico, but reserved, as are the two newlyweds. Even if a few photos, this time, she will make it for sure…