M. Pokora and Christina Milian : After Corsica, they burst open in Saint-Tropez

They were confined for long weeks in their pleasant house of Los Angeles, M. Pokora and Christina Milian had the desire to be elsewhere once the borders reopened. The French singer 34-year-old and his partner of 38 years have put the cap on France and on the Côte d’azur. They are, of course, accompanied by their little prince, Isaiah, who turns 6 months on July 20, 2020, and Violet, 10 years old, the daughter of Christina.

After a few days in Corsica, near Porto-Vecchio, and the magnificent cliffs of Bonifacio, which has been well worth the trip, M. Pokora and Christina Milian are back on the continent. They put their suitcases in the region of Saint-Tropez, a destination still popular by celebrities, even in times of a health crisis. The couple knows the region very well, since it comes every summer for a few years.

In the evening of Wednesday, July 15, 2020, the couple went to visit a friend, Jean-Roch. The parents of Isaiah have spent the evening in La Gioia, the establishment that the man of the night has opened for several years in Saint-Tropez. Pleased to welcome M. Pokora and Christina Milian, who was recently forced to close its VIP Room in Paris has immortalized the evening. He has published a photo on his account Instagram. M. Pokora appears to be close to her companion, dressed in a combination figure-hugging flowered. Jean-Roch pose with his charming wife, Anaïs.

The passage of M. Pokora in the Var is particularly noticed. Var-Matin reports that the singer has been spotted in Sainte-Maxime, and more precisely on the beach of Prao, where he went to lunch. The regional daily is based on a photo published on Facebook on July 15. Matt Pokora appears with composer Marc Cerrone.