M. Pokora crazy Christina Milian : touching declaration of love

For some couples, the containment is a difficult test to overcome, which creates serious tensions. Not for M. Pokora and his companion Christina Milian. Love is more than ever the rendezvous for the French singer of 34 years and the american actress and singer of 38 years.

Sunday, may 10, 2020, all the moms were in the spotlight in the United States with the celebration of Mother’s day, which earned Laeticia Hallyday to be covered of gifts by his daughters Jade and Joy. M. Pokora has taken advantage of this occasion to send a nice message to Christina Milian on Instagram. “Happy Mother’s day to the most courageous, the most funny, the most humble and the most industrious of the women with whom I could hope to build a family. You are an inspiration to every soul of our house, and much more, I love you,” wrote M. Pokora, caption two black and white photos in which he appears in the process of getting his hair cut by his girlfriend. Christina Milian has responded in the comments section. “Thank you my love… Please trust me with your hair… lol and for making me a mom of two children. I love you more”, wrote one who for the past few days sports a new hair cut, to long braids.

M. Pokora swimming in an immense happiness for more than three months. Christina Milian offered him the most beautiful gift, a child, who has seen the light of day on 20 January last in Los Angeles. This little being that fills it is called Isaiah, and he already pleases him to discover its multiple passions, including music. The French singer is also extremely close to his daughter-in-law Violet, 10 years old, he considers her as his own daughter.

Just before the celebration of Mother’s day, Mr. Pokora was reminded that there is just one year, he went out the clip of his song Ooh Na Na, in which it appeared very accomplice and touch with Christina Milian.