Maeva martinate nabilla jealous and jessica thivenin, perfect mums: “it’s drunk!”

Maeva martinate nabilla jealous and jessica thivenin, perfect mums:

Maeva martinez has no taboo anymore. Since the birth of her gabriel son in January 2021, the former secret story candidate (2016) evokes her very complicated mother’s daily life. So it happened that she appeared upset and at the end of the roll several times, until she made alarming remarks last March.

I’m in crisis right now. Don’t sleep. (…) I think I’m starting to be in depression, I can’t do it anymore.

And indeed, maeva martinez has gone through a post-partum depression during which mixed black ideas and want to send everything waltz. Especially since the wife of Julian found no comfort on social networks, where she found herself faced with “perfect men”. “when I look at the accounts of nabilla, jazz, thivenin jessica, all these moms who live in a dream villa with their children and their husband, everything looks good, the pictures are beautiful.

Being faced with so many ideals has only promoted the distress of maeva martinez. “it makes them feel guilty, they have a perfect body, I’m still here with my fat, my cellulite. Of course I feel guilty, it’s getting drunk, I’m getting jealous!

I become that jealous woman,” she confessed. The ex of tiller marvin even offered a big breath of fresh air while flying with her tulum-to-mexic husband for a few days. A babyless break that seems to make him the greatest good.