Magali berdah chamboulée face à une photo d’elle avant la surgeryétique : “I’m not taking it”

Magali berdah chamboulée face à une photo d'elle avant la surgeryétique :

It is a fact, with the health crisis and multiple containments, the number of cosmetic surgery operations has increased. A recent study proves it and cyril hanouna quoted it in the step of my post, on C8, this Friday, March 26, 2021. the host then surveyed his columnists, asking them honestly, who had already resorted to surgery. Bennjamin castaldi then mentioned his eyelids that he will retouch tomorrow, so that they fall less and his eyes are clearer.

Magali berdah, a businesswoman known to manage a large number of influencers including carla moreau, which she defended in the witchcraft case, referred to her multiple cosmetic surgery operations. The columnist of cyril hanouna first confessed to having had “in the end for 40,000 (euro,) in all.” A small injection in the buttocks,” revealed magali berdah, cyril hanouna saluting his great franchise on this subject that can sometimes be taboo.

The influencer specialist then detailed how this “small injection” consisted: “They take fat in the lipo and then they inject it to you in the buttocks. Then magali berdah made “the whole face.” It was then that the chronicler informed the rest of the team not to my position that a photo of her before her cosmetic surgery was released on the canvas, a pre-/after installation, no doubt that she would be shown in the show.

It was then that the famous image was diffused, causing a great emotion at magali berdah: “No but I don’t. Touched by the emotion of his chronicle, cyril hanouna quickly asked that the photo be removed and entrusted to magali berdah that he found it very beautiful before. Today, the businesswoman is well in her body and it is finally the most important!