Make Homework Bearable in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re like most students, homework is not something you generally look forward to.  But there is a very good reason for homework.  So learning how to master it is an important part of student life. The following are 5 easy steps to make homework more bearable from writers.

1. Commit to a specified time

Many students choose to finish assignments when they “feel like it.”  But if you are always distracted by gadgets, chores, and friends, you will never feel like it.

One smart tip is to commit to a specified time whether you like it or not – preferably upon return from school.  Just like eating the yuckiest thing on your plate first so that the yummy things are left, committing to homework right away allows you to spend the rest of the day any way you want.

2. Pick a distraction-free location

It’s very tempting to do assignments in front of the TV, with your dog, or with a great view of your cute neighbor.  But the more distractions there are, the longer it will take you to finish.  This will eat into your free time, forcing you to do homework the whole evening, right up until bedtime.

So make a few sacrifices first. Focus on your assignments so you can enjoy the rest of your activities.

3. Energize

As an incentive to begin your work, start your homework session with a delicious snack.  If your chosen snack is nutritious and stimulating, it will give you the needed energy to tackle your lessons.

Depending on how difficult your homework is, you may have to take additional snack breaks. But don’t make munching on something a habit throughout.  Messy fingers and always reaching for something will interrupt your concentration.  Instead, schedule another break after an hour or so.

4. Tackling the work itself’

Since your energy will probably be at its highest when you begin, do the hardest assignments first.  You’ll have more brainpower that way.

But if you get stuck, skip it first and return to it later.  Just ensure that you really tried a few times before moving on.  And do make sure you finish everything before heading to bed.

5. Ask for help only if you tried your best

The true purpose of homework is to actually learn something.  So don’t ask for help just to make things easier for you.  If you do, you won’t learn, and you will regret that in the future.

But should you need help, consult a parent or an older sibling for help.  You can also ask a classmate, provided it’s for a quick consultation, not an hour-long chit chat.  And if you do check online, make sure it’s only to research something and not to find answers to the assignment itself.


Homework is an important part of the school experience.  It helps you to understand and remember your lessons.  So find a way to systematize your homework schedule so that you can make the most of what homework can offer you.