Malika Ménard is celebrating its 33 years : dress out of your price range and great party with the Miss

Containment now seems far away for some of the French. Since the month of last may, the life slowly resumes its course in spite of the persistent presence of the virus in which it must continue to be wary of. With the sunny days of summer, difficult, however, not to let go to get out in public places, especially when there is an event to celebrate.

This was the case on Thursday 23 July 2020 for the Miss France, who have had the pleasure of getting together to celebrate the birthday of one of them, Malika Ménard. The pretty brunette, crowned in 2010, blew his 33 years and, for the occasion, it did privatize a boat connected to Paris, the Gardens of The Pont Neuf in the 1st arrondissement. In the program : a slew of guests, a big cake, and especially full of gifts !

Through his story, Instagram, Malika Menard has shared several moments of this memorable evening, for which she was on her 31. In fact, it is in a long dress and fluid color is pistachio the plunging neckline and slit up the thigh, and signed with the mark of Oud, that it has made its entry. An outfit of a circumstance which is still displayed at a price of 1 220 euros. But one does not have to be the most beautiful to go dancing !

Among the guests sorted on the shutter were so girlfriends Miss the pretty brunette, whose Flora Coquerel, Marine Lorphelin, Valérie Bègue, Camille Cerf, and the latest, Clemency Botino. The six queens of beauty have not failed to make the show, lending itself to photo-shoots, improvised, singing all their favorite hits and cheering on their beautiful friendship.

There is no doubt that this feast fell on the peak, in particular for Leniency Botino, whose reign is put to the test in this year’s troubled. In addition to the epidemic of coronavirus that has turned all of its projects, the Guadeloupean elected last December had a big scare there are still a few days when a fire murderer is tripped in the building where she resides. Saved from the flames by firefighters, she has unfortunately lost many of the memories accumulated over the last few months.