Manon Marsault pregnant and with Tiago : the exorbitant price of their looks

Manon Marsault seems more fulfilling than ever. In may 2019, she married her lover Julien Tanti. And, a year before celebrating their beautiful marriage, the couple welcomed their first child, a little boy named Tiago. In the next few months, the adorable blond will become a big brother ! In fact, Manon Marsault is pregnant with her second baby. On Instagram, she reveals a belly nicely rounded.

Monday, June 29, 2020, the star of the Marseillais (W9) has published a beautiful photo of her pregnant with his son Tiago. “The unconditional love. I’m proud of you, my big baby. You’re so nice and adorable as a little boy. Thou shalt be a big brother, caring and full of love, I’m sure of it. Your mom who loves you”, she wrote in the caption. A tender declaration of love to his elder.

On the picture, Manon Marsault appears, smiling, sitting on the edge of a swimming pool, Tiago in the arm. In order to highlight her cute baby bump, the mom-to-be has chosen a tight-fitting dress with short sleeves of the brand Fendi. One-piece pattern monogrammed which costs between € 1050 and 1290 euros. The dress is not given… and costs as much as holding the little Tiago ! With his mom, he is also the Fendi. His polo stripes monogrammed of the brand is worth 350 euros and his shorts of the same line is sold at a price of 260 euros, and finally, to offer his shoes, also designed by Fendi, you would have to pay 400 euros. A look that will cost 1010 euros in total.

Fan of fashion luxury, Manon Tanti will soon find such outfits for his little girl. At the end of the year, the happy young woman will prepare beautiful outfits for her little Angelina. Recall that in April last year, when she revealed the name of his future daughter, Manon Marsault had made a few confidences… “80% of you are right. You knew it because at the time we didn’t know that Tiago would be a boy and I had said that, if it was a girl, I would call it whatever the cost Angelina. I called my Barbie like that. It’s going to be the little Barbie for love to his mom,” she declared.