Manon Marsault pregnant : her daughter in danger, she is forced to be bedridden

A few days ago, Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti have made a big change in their life. The couple emblematic of Marseille has moved to Dubai with their son, Tiago (2 years). A start of surprise that was a surprise, which had pushed the pretty brunette to explain. On Snapchat, she wrote (among other wanted to give birth to her second child, a little baby girl named Angelina, in the famous city of the United arab kingdom. “We were very scared, we had a stressful time with Julien a few weeks ago, we said, ‘it is France going to be reconfinée, in hospitals the dads may not be able to not be there at the birth’, and for me it is not possible that there is not my husband, he must be there,” she said.

Since then, Manon Marsault began actively to settle down but an unfortunate event has come just to disturb. In fact, by making a visit to his doctor, the candidate of reality-tv has learned that she should remain in bed until the end of her pregnancy. “I can no longer walk, I no longer have the right (…) The problem is that my daughter is too small, too skinny. I have again an appointment in a week, we’ll see if she manages to gain weight or not” she confided saddened. If his princess is not growing, its birth will undoubtedly be accelerated : “In a week, we will take a decision, to see if it is not better that my daughter be born before to be able to feed on the outside of my belly. If it should happen before, there is not much that is ready,” redoute-t-it.

Fortunately, Manon is well surrounded in Dubai between her husband and her mom that she also has made the trip. In addition, it receives the support of his thousands of followers, which brought him very good advice. These are the things that make it serene to the following, even if she never escape for very long the criticism. But despite the situation, she never misses a beat. “For bad language : no, I do not pay attention to my line, especially when I am pregnant, I eat everything and I have always been a good eater and a nibbler. This is my morphology that is like this and I’ll never the weight of my daughter in danger for overweight (the placenta sometimes not fed properly the fetus)”.