Manu Lanvin recounts the last summer of Johnny Saint-Barth’ : ‘Very embarrassing’

In 2015, Manu Lanvin was friends with Johnny Hallyday, who spent the holiday on the French island of St. Barts, where he had his habits and where he was buried. In an interview with le Figaro published on Friday, 22 may 2020, the artist, 46-year-old is back on this friendship with the rocker gone, telling of the passage his last vacation in the Caribbean.

At the time of their meeting, they “spent evenings talking about great guitarists, he knew them all ! And I’ve done a dozen dates in the first part of her tour to Stay alive,” said Manu Lanvin. Two years later, in 2017, he found Johnny Hallyday in the Caribbean. It tells the painful sight of people, while the Taulier was already weakened by the disease.

“It was very embarrassing, I hated it. There is a lot of voyeurism in Saint-Barth’. All I hope is that it has taken the pleasure to listen to my music and has been a time to forget his treatment,” says Manu Lavin in the Figaro. Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, it is never returned to Saint-Barth√©lemy. “In the summer, it was our rendez-vous. I know that he will not come, so this does interest me more,” said Manu Lanvin, who seem to therefore deprive yourself of a summer vacation since the death of Johnny, which occurred on December 5, 2017.

It was presented by Johnny in 2000 at the Olympia, at the beginning of his career.

Like all artists, Manu Lanvin has seen his career disrupted by the pandemic. Forced to cancel 80 dates, it was product on social networks (and had even blackmailed his father, Gerard Lavin). He will soon return to the stage next September and will end his tour with a date at La Cigale, December 5, 2020.