Marco vannini, definitive the convictions of the pendants

Marco vannini, definitive the convictions of the pendants
Alcuni amici e sostenitori della famiglia Vannini davanti al Palazzo di Giustizia in attesa della sentenza della Cassazione, Roma, 03 maggio 2021. ANSA/RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

The Cassation has rejected the claim of the defendants: after a long process, the convictions are definitive. For antonio pendants 14 years; 9 years and 4 months for his wife maria and his sons martin and federic. The victim’s family: “Justice is done”Marco vannini, the judgments for the responsible of his death have become definitive.

And for the family of antonio pendants open the doors of the prison. While 9 years and 4 months have been commissioned to his wife maria pieces and children martin and federic – photo | videomarco vannini, trials and judgment – fotogalleryThe OMICIDIO – Marco, twenty-year-old maid of cervishes and martin’s fiancé, died in their ladispoli cottage. At 118 it was said that the young man had hurt himself with the tip of a comb and no one hypothesized a red code.

The boy would have asked to see her and he, in passing her, had pressed the trigger inadvertently. But if the alarm had been given for a long time it could have been saved. Franca leosini interview antonio pendants: his tears make the parents of the victim marco vannini angry – videothe trials – on April 14, 2018 the court of Assise of Rome condemned so antonio pendants to 14 years and to 3 wife and children.

But on appeal he went differently: Antonio was in fact held responsible for murder. On February 7, 2020, the court annulled the judgment, ordering a new judgment which ended on September 30 by disintegrating the voluntary murder. Before the judges entered the council chamber, antonio pendants took the word: “I appeal to the benefit of doubt.

I ask forgiveness for what I have committed and also for what I have not committed. No minister, no journalist, no ordinary person should feel compelled to abandon himself to anger. Whatever the judicial conviction, I know that it will only remain the lacerant pain of all people who love rotten.

Only the awareness of how rotten it was beautiful and could have been still and that because of my mistake will not be”. Words which did not convince the judges, nor the mother of marco, the Count, who had long fought because the case did not close like a sort of accident. The reaction of the parents – the mama of marco comments so: “We fought for 6 years, fear is always there but we believed it until the end.

Now justice is done.” the valerian father says: “I’m glad that justice has finally been done for rottenness.