Maria Elena Woods, the love for Giulio Berruti the fa… sexy as Marilyn Monroe!

Maria Elena Woods is a trip to the Castle of Santa Severa, Rome, with a couple of friends and the colleague of Italy, Viva Luciano Noble. Reaching the summit of the Saracen tower, the member of Italy Alive 39-year-old off the mask for the photo and selfie: the beautiful, tanned, smiling. And to love: the love story for the actor, 35-year-old Giulio Berruti (repeatedly pinched her takes flight. As her little red dress that, thanks to a gust of wind, with a out program to Marilyn Monroe. Immortalized in the exclusive photos of the week Today | | |

Maria Elena Woods, holiday super sexy girls bikini of the former minister has improved with the years

LUNCH AND VISIT TO the CASTLE – Trip outside the city, between the cultural and the binge of fish, for Maria Elena Woods, who has donated a lunch to the Island of the Fisherman and then the visit of the Castle of Santa Severa (a handful of kilometers north of the capital) with a tour company rather varied. With her, there were a couple of friends, which is the Maximum (that the paparazzi is presented as the prince), and Paola, and the member of parliament of Italy, Viva Luciano Nobili, who for large stretches of brought the handbag to its parent company.

Maria Elena Woods steals the show at all on the red carpet – READ | |

A SELFIE FOR the JULIUS – After having swallowed the fish and shellfish in the restaurant is worshiped by Totti, and not a few of the hollywood stars, the Woods made en route towards the castle, which has scoured the guide without leaving a corner. The best, however, has seen and given on the terrace at the crown of the Saracen tower. It is set in place for herself (a selfie, of which there is no trace on social: who will have it shipped to you?) and then for the paparazzi, who, greedy, they took the opportunity to ask her of Giulio Berruti. And when everything seemed finished, a touch film, Billy Wilder: a gust of wind lifted the skirt of Maria Elena, who was able to play Marilyn.

Maria Elena Woods and the holiday super sexy in Formentera

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