Marian catanzaro: “I’m attracted to the tommaso zorzi, we are special friends”

Marian catanzaro: “I’m attracted to the tommaso zorzi, we are special friends”

Back to the ex-Catholic Marian Tronist, and for the most unexpected reason. We do not talk about a new girlfriend alongside one of the most iconic faces of men and women, but of an attraction to the tommaso zorzi. He talked about it during the host in the trends & celebrities program of rtl 102.5 news.

The two would begin to feel regularly after the gf vip, starting a nice relationship of friendship. Marian, however, does not hesitate to speak for the purpose of attraction and also of love, although in the side sense. The special friendship with tommaso zorziwe remember of catanzaro for his participation to men and women, first as a courtier of valentina dalri (it is known his crisis of crying in front of the refusal) and then as a tronist.

His story with valentina pivati, chosen in the program, has long ended and today the young Neapolitan conquers fans with some very explicit photos on onlyfans. On radio, he explained the relationship with fathers:After his win at the gf vip we felt and we often feel again. He is a really wonderful person, I am attracted to his head and his way of being.

Love according to Marian catanzaroOf course, catanzaro was asked if the tommaso is a simple friendship or something more. He said open to all possibilities: “I think life is all a becoming, I don’t preclude anything. If tommaso adds something beautiful in my life well come.

No, that’s what this is about: for me love has a thousand facets, I live my life according to the feelings it gives me. Marian has specified not to have a real physical attraction towards the island’s opinionist, but rather a mental interest:I am absolutely attracted by his expressions. It is not important to give a name to things, but the sensations that can give you.

I’m feeling sick, so I want to keep hearing it. I’m curious, I’m attracted to her way of saying things, intrigues me. He is very instinctive and intelligent and can only add something beautiful to my life.

It looks nice, but from here to say that I’m attracted… this is not. I’d like to do it: I’m a sportsman and I’m very attentive to nutrition, so it could be a perfect challenge for me.”