Marie-Sophie Lacarrau : Who is the host of “All ready for dictation” ?

Become a must on France Télévisions, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau presented to the side of Alex Goude the event show “All ready for dictation !” on may 6, 2020 at 13: 45 on France 3. Played by Edouard Baer, this great dictation is an opportunity to review its conventional spelling for both the students and their families for all the lovers of the French language. Chosen to animate this show already worship on France 3, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has become, over the years, and programs one of the faces that are emblematic of the French audiovisual.

A native of Toulouse, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau knew very young that she wanted to be a journalist. Worried for the future of their daughter, the relatives of Marie-Sophie initially tried to discourage her from doing this. “They told me that it was sheer madness, because I had no contacts in this environment”, said The Dispatch, ” in a portrait published in 2015. After a degree in modern literature, Marie-Sophie remains to be determined, and began a year of preparation for entrance examination of schools of journalism in paris. During her studies, she completed internships in several publications such as M6, LCI, or even the regional daily Midi Libre in Montpellier. She began working as a reporter for the channel Grand touring, where she worked on news stories on the automotive world. It then goes on the channel Eurosport and The Channel Weather.

In 2000, she took her first position in France 3 at Rodez. Then she became a reporter for France 3 Midi-Pyrénées in 2002, and then presented his first 19/20 regional in December 2005. In her interview ten years later with The Dispatch, it was revealed that she had been really stressed before making his first JT. “The whole day, I hoped that there would be a huge technical failure with the board and that the JT would be cancelled. I was not off when I am sitting in the chair of the presenter. Pierjan Frisian, which I had formed all the previous week, fortunately, remained in a corner of the tray to support me. The last advice that I have provided, a few seconds before the antenna, it is to quietly make my launches one after the other, and me to speak to my family at the end of the log when I had to say thank you and goodbye, in order to be more warm. Ten years later, I always apply his advice to the letter at each JT.”

In 2010, she replaced Catherine Matausch on France 3 and presented his first JT national by also becoming the replacement for Carole Gaessler at 19/20 national during four seasons. In parallel, in 2011, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau on France 4 and the emission-Generation Reporters for teens.

In 2014, Marie-Sophie was offered the position of successor of Elise Lucet for the JT 13 hours on France 2 during the school holidays. Since then, she has become one of the presenting a fetish of France Télévisions and animates the JT 13h on France 2 since 2016.

Married to Pierre Bascoul since 2006, the 44 year old journalist is a mother with her two boys, Malo (born in 2007) and Tim (born in 2009).