Marilou Berry : Rare archive family and a tribute to her missing father

Monday 18 may 2020, the subscribers of Marilou Berry (37 years), were able to discover a very tender family photo. On his account Instagram, the French actress has shared a picture archive of her mother, Josiane Balasko, while she was pregnant of her, posing with Philippe Berry. Excited at the prospect of becoming a father, he was pointing at the belly of the actress.

“My father would have been 64 years old today”, has légendé Marilou Berry. A photo published to pay homage to his father Philippe Berry, of which it was the anniversary Monday. Passed away on 5 September at the age of 63, he was buried in the cemetery of Pantin, in the north-east of Paris. This sculptor-decorator-director had died of a sudden cardiac arrest.

At the time of the disappearance of her dad, Marilou Berry had been able to count on the support of its community of fans on social networks. It explained to have been very touched by their kindness. “I wanted to thank you because since the death of my dad, I’ve received a lot of messages of support. It is true that we do not know, a priori, one might say that I would have nothing to cum… But, in fact, that is, it touched me a great deal and I realize how lucky I am to have so much support and presence around me. While not everyone has this chance and it’s true that it’s good for you. So I say to you thank you for your words and your presence”, she wrote on Instagram.

Marilou Berry is the mother of a little boy named Andy (1 year and half), born of his relationship with Alexis Diamond.