Marilyn manson: an actress accuses her of rape and claims to have been “taillad, whipped and electrocuted”

Marilyn manson: an actress accuses her of rape and claims to have been

Raped mme bianco in May or around May 2011,” can be read in the complaint. “m. warner committed sexual acts on mme bianco while she was unconscious or unable to give her consent” and “also committed sexual assaults on mme bianco on multiple occasions.” The British actress esmé bianco filed a complaint on Friday 30 April against the American singer marilyn manson, brian warner of her real name, accusing her of rape, sadistic sexual abuse.

Esmé bianco claims to have been invited twice to los angeles by marilyn manson in the perspective of a job. But she says that she was instead sexually abused, saying that she was tailed, whipped and electrocuted by the singer. She then reported that she had been kidnapped and raped several days at the home of marilyn manson in 2011. the 38-year-old woman would have kept several scars of the many abuses of the singer.

The 38-year-old actress, who was a fan of marilyn manson when she was a teenager, appeared in fourteen episodes of the game of thrones series between 2011 and 2013, under the features of a prostitute named ros. Later in 2009, marilyn manson had visited him to london and they would then have started a consensual relationship, the complaint specifies. In 2011, the actress moved to los angeles, where she thought she was playing in a feature film with marilyn manson.