Marine Lorphelin separate of Christopher for the past 6 months : sadness and words of love

It is a real suffering that lives for several months now, Marine Lorphelin. Whereas it is established in Paris to continue his medical studies, his companion, meanwhile, was installed in New Caledonia. Used to build a distance relationship for several years, the happy engaged couple, however, remained a longer time than expected away from the other, because of the outbreak of coronavirus, which has shaken the entire planet. Voluntary to fight against this scourge in the hospital, the former Miss France has renounced at the same time has abided with Christophe.

Monday, June 29, 2020, in the absence of his half with him appeared particularly painful for the young man. On Instagram, he therefore declared his love in the meantime to be able to witness it in real life. “I’ve been conspicuous by my absence these last 6 months. I look forward to see you again and I’m counting the days. I miss you. I love you“, he wrote in the caption of a adorable photo of their duo, adding the hashtags “#6yrs #etonenredemande #missyoumour #tumefaiscraquersurcettephoto #ctebouille”. This sweet message has moved Marine Lorphelin, who was quick to reassure him in the comments. “But not my angel, you’ve been conspicuous by your patience and your listening. I love you.”

I pulled on the rope

It must be said that Christopher would have liked to regain her beauty queen from the month of march last, as they were promised. But, the announcement of the containment, it is Marine Lorphelin who has chosen to impose this difficult separation, and this, for the good cause. “He wanted to come, but I told him no, for his own health. And then he was not going to wait for me all day confined in the apartment. Not nice for him to get in this situation and to be locked up, wait. It is a little hard, but it is like that. We don’t know when we will be able to see you again“, said she during an interview for Gala.

Unfortunately, given the last Tweet of Marine Lorphelin, it is unlikely that the future spouses are found soon. Indeed, on the social network, she explains that on Monday the morale “in the socks” then it starts a new “month of intense service (general paediatrics)”. “I’m already exhausted. The backlash of the last few months éreintants, not had leave since December, morale, which is the yoyo. I pulled on the rope, “she wrote, at the end. Their patience will once again be put to the test…