Mark Harmon (Gibbs from NCIS) and Pam, proud husband and wife : the rare images of the couple

If it deals with a constancy very remarkable the small screen in French, at the option of (re)broadcasts on the channels of the M6 Group in the series NCIS of which he is still the iconic headliner after seventeen seasons (the only member of the distribution of the original with his friend David McCallum aka “Ducky”), Mark Harmon is in the city a man of the most discrete. And his wife, Pam Dawber, also actress subscribed to television productions, is at least as much. That is to say, if their appearance together in front of photographers in the streets of their neighborhood in Los Angeles at the end of the month of may was outstanding !

Although married now for thirty-three years and both are active in the world of showbiz, the interpreter of the special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his wife seem to escape the photocalls and society, which are the preserve of Hollywood. It is also the opportunity for an exit in a relaxed setting, while they were walking their dog in the vicinity of their property located in the Brentwood area, they have been spotted by press photographers. Certainly reserved by nature, but broken to the media, the two spouses are willingly left to observe, very cheerful. Smiles that it was possible to see since they were on their protective masks (in the case of the actor, a simple bandana) ; in full-containment in the framework of the fight against the pandemic coronavirus, Mark and Pam seemed, however, worry about the social distancing, standing more than a metre of one another !

Mark Harmon, proud Navy at the tv, proud husband to the city !

That one is not mistaken there : the couple, united by the marriage since 1987 and by the love of two sons who are born, Sean (32 years old) and Ty (28 years old on 25 June 2020), is welded. “We had both thirties when we married, all of a sudden, by chance, all the nonsense, they had already made before. It is without doubt that, from what I know, is closer to the key to a marriage that lasts”, reflected Mark Harmon in February 2019 in an interview with People magazine, which he would then cover, over thirty years after having been appointed “sexiest Man of the year” by the weekly. He confided also his “pride” to be married to Pam, pointing to the ring at the head of an eagle that he carries to the ring, which had belonged to his grandfather : “I the door, or is it another one of those that I have, as soon as I’m not shooting. I need to have something on my ring finger because I am proud to be married and I am proud of the person with whom I am married. I’m just proud of her,” claimed he. She also is proud of him : on the 1st of October 2012, it was a rare family outing, a beautiful and well present with their son Sean on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the unveiling of the star of her husband.

States, but not always in unison, and this is just another cement of their marriage : “all In all, we don’t have the same tastes and this has been healthy for our marriage, in fact, î he told also, taking the example of one of his roles cults, that of a teacher of sport forced to give remedial courses during the summer holidays in the comedy Summer School. “I wanted to do it because I really wanted to work with director Carl Reiner. It was a real turning point for me, like “he believes he can do it ?”, and it was very important. But Pam told me : “don’t Do it. Do not do this film.”” In the end, Summer School, which has had some success in theaters in 1987, has actually added a chord to the arc de Mark Harmon – even if it has not had the opportunity to persevere in the registry comical – and then was able to see on the big screen in The Presidio (1988) alongside Sean Connery, and Stealing Home with Jodie Foster in the same year, then shériff in the western Wyatt Earp worn by Kevin Costner or father-in-law put to the test by Lindsay Lohan in the comedy cult Freaky Friday.

An agent that is very special for the small screen…

But it is, of course, thanks to his career in television that Mark Harmon is now a star, adored in the world. After being revealed at the beginning of the 1980s, in the soap Flamingo Road and have marked the 1990s, sometimes as an investigator (Reasonable Doubts), and sometimes as an orthopaedic surgeon (Chicago Hope), he met, in the 2000s, the character the flagship of his career : after having noticed in 2002 as a special agent in the series the West Wing (A White House), the producer Donald P. Bellisario makes camping the ex-Marine and special agent of the NCIS Leroy Jethro Gibbs in two episodes of the series JAG that he has created before to make him the hero of another of his series, NCIS. In may 2020, NCIS, the distribution of which has almost entirely changed since the beginning, has been renewed for an eighteenth season to come !

About Pam Dowber, who had enjoyed success thanks to his roles in the sitcoms of the 1980s (Mork & Mindy, My Sister Sam), she is gradually away from the screens, after having led an acting career in television until the late 1990s. In 1999, she was with her husband in I’ll Remember April, a drama with the child star Haley Joel Osment. In 2014, she had failed to achieve a winning return in the company of Robin Williams, his famed sidekick of Mork & Mindy, in a series called The Crazy Ones, but, in the absence of a hearing, the project had quickly been cancelled. The star of Jumanji, who was suffering from the disease with Lewy bodies, was to end his days a few months later.