Maroon 5 : bassist Mickey Madden arrested for domestic violence

The Maroon 5 will probably have to go without their bassist. Michael “Mickey” Madden, who has held this position for years – he was even there at the time of Kara”s Flowers, has been arrested for domestic violence on Saturday 27 June 2020 in the afternoon, in Los Angeles. It was released a few hours later in exchange for a deposit of $ 50,000, but will have to answer for his acts before the court, on the 29th of September next. A member of the local police confirmed this information to the People magazine, without, however, providing much more detail.

We are deeply disappointed

It is known only that the attack intolerable Mickey Madden was an “intimate partner”. And the musician of 41 years has not found a shoulder to cry with his gang of Maroon 5 – currently composed of Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, James Valentine, Matt Flynn, PJ Morton, and Sam Farrar. A representative of the group, however, agreed to speak about the case. “We are deeply disappointed by this news,” says one. The more we learn, and we are waiting to see how these events will evolve. For now, we leave it to all the people involved the time they need to resolve their problems.”

Mickey Madden and justice

This is not the first time that Mickey Madden must fight with the laws of the united states. In January 2016, the bass player from Austin, Texas, was arrested after having given the cocaine to James Gubelmann – the ex Ivanna Trump – in the open air in front of a bar in Manhattan. He had been prosecuted for possession of illicit substances, and had accepted an agreement to a basis of community service for dropping the charges against him. Not sure he will make it as easily this time…