Martika Caringella bride : she talks about her wedding and future baby (EXCLUDED)

Martika Caringella (30 years) will soon be back on TFX in episodes of Moms & famous. Like her sisters, Julia Paredes, Kelly Helard or Jesta Hillmann Assadi, she has agreed to share his daily life. After discovery is pregnant, this is the result of his adventures mom that the audience will see. Her fiancé, Umberto, and she became the happy parents of Mia, on November 14, 2019. Asked by Purepeople, the former candidate of the Bachelor confided on the show, his life as a mum and as a couple.

What will we discover during this new season of Moms & Famous ?

You are going to discover Mia who is growing and evolving very quickly. We are also going to see the dinner of Valentine’s day that Umberto and I have done this with a couple of friends. We will speak of full of projects.

How is your daughter ?

Very well. It grows very fast, it is incredible. She has a super character, it is a love. Currently, she broke through her first tooth, so this week there were two days when she was a little grumpy. Otherwise, she is very social and smiles at everyone. She stands, her four paws around the house and touch everything. We started the diversification, it will soon eat the smaller pieces. I make small pots house and she eats everything. She has a good appetite as mom and dad (laughs).

It is you who keep or do you have a guard mode ?

I keep it all the time, but it’s starting to be a little challenging to work with. So I’m going to see if I’m not going to take a nanny 24h/24h to be able to work better. She is going to have nine months so she begins to move in all the directions.

What is your biggest blunder as a mom ?

One day, as I had an appointment with an astrologer for a shoot, I had forgotten her bottle at home. I sent someone to buy me a coup.

Your greatest fear as a mom ?

It was that my daughter is not his nights, but ultimately nothing to say.

The arrival of your child in your life has it impacted on your relationship ?

Not at all. We just have less free time to enjoy both. But we enjoy as a family now. We still manage to have time for each other, but it is rare. If this is the case, we entrust it to his grand-mother.

Do you want to marry one day ?

Of course, it is in the project, but for the moment, I can’t even imagine my wedding. I think I would like a ceremony quite intimate, in a small committee, but at my level and at my height (laughs).

How would you see your dress ?

With lace, perhaps some small white pearls. Something simple and grandiose at the time, I don’t know how to explain it.

Umberto has he done with his request ?

It has made its request, but without really doing it. It was without too much fuss because he is quite shy. It all happened very naturally.

Would you be willing to film the ceremony for tv ?

I don’t know, this is a question that I ask myself.

What is your secret to have regained the weight after childbirth ?

The first month was pretty intense, so I would skip lunch. I didn’t have time to eat because my priority was my daughter. I lost pretty quickly like that. And as soon as I lost the primary, I did a bit of sport. But I still have a few pounds to lose to be at the top. I had gained 14 pounds during my pregnancy and I found my healthy weight. But I would still like to lose another three.

We could see that Kelly Helard, Jesta and Stéphanie Clerbois were pregnant with their second child. This gives you-t-he like to have another one also ?

I already feel like before that, but it gives even more desire. I am very happy for them and I wonder when it will be my turn. I’d like to give a little brother or a little sister for Mia next year. But it will come when it will come.

What is your relationship with the other moms of the show ?

All goes well when we see each other. I don’t speak all the days with them but we have a group where we talk about from time to time. I’m not close to one of them in particular.

What are your plans ?

Professionally, I continue to work on my brand of jewelry. I created always new models and I have a big collaboration that happens with a great artist. We want to enlarge the house by the end of the year. It also wants to make the baptism of Mia before the end of the year and there will be his 1 year in November. There will be plenty of things to do.

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