Masks mandatory, and the prohibition of eating and drinking: as you stand at the concerts?

The Government has moved and the new the Prime minister – in particular, with the now infamous Annex 9 -, were given provisions for the resumption of the concerts. From June, in fact, in theory, you can hold live, although you may have to meet a set of rules is not simple. For a long time, there is asked how it is that the sector of the live could return to start over, even partially, its activities, and now the answer is there. The Government has acted, now the ball passes to the promoter and to the artists: “From June 15, 2020, these shows are performed with seats pre-allocated and spaced apart and provided that it is assured the respecting of the distance interpersonal of at least one meter and the personal, both for spectators, with the maximum number of 1000 spectators for outdoor performances and 200 people for performances indoors, for every single room”.

Prohibition to purchase food and drinks

There was a lot of pressure on the Government to try not to throw completely to the air the summer season, and in this direction goes the new provisions. Now the ball passes to the promoter, of course, but also to the public who will have to adapt to the rules quite stringent, as anyone who has been at least once to a concert. One of the main issues to resolve is the one that relates to arrangements with regard to food and drinks. Leaving aside the impossibility of selling them on the spot, then removing a large portion of the gain to the organiser of the event, it will be hard to resist a concert or show of an hour and a half, a couple of hours, without being able to eat and especially to drink, especially in hot weather. This is one of the main problems that will have to be addressed: “the Prohibition of the consumption of food and beverages, and the retail sale of drinks and food at the events and during the course of the shows,” reads in the annex.

Masks mandatory, and tickets online

Another of the points to which you will need to get used to it, as a spectator, will be to resist the time of the concerts with the masks, but this is part of a habit is broader, we will take them for a little: “mandatory Use of templates also of the community to the viewers,” it reads, but it will also be mandatory for the measurement of the body temperature to the audience, the artists, the craftsmen and all other workers in the place where you hold the show, preventing access in the event of temperature > 37.5 °C”. Restrictions there will be in the regulation of the file for the toilet, while with regard to the purchase of the tickets was already more accustomed to purchasing online: “the Sale of tickets and access control, where possible, by electronic means, in order to avoid aggregation at the ticket offices and the spaces of access to the facilities”.

The difficulty for the promoter

If the public will not be simple, in the same way, it will be complex for those concerts he organizes them. To read this new decree, in fact, expenses will increase and income will decrease: it will be difficult to make ends meet, not to mention that often the food and drinks are one of the means the main gain you thought you would come to draw only with tickets? Were wrong). You will need to sanitize the environments, there will be less people and, of course, there will be no revenue. It is, in short, to rethink the whole system, calmierando the costs of production and likely increasing the tickets.