Mathilde Seigner confined : confidences on his son Louis, aged 13 years

Remained discrete during the containment, Mathilde Seigner was entrusted on this strange period in Paris Match. “I discovered to my surprise that I liked living alone. My son Louis, who will soon be 13 years old, stayed with me for a month. It did work, but as we’ve just moved, he had only one thing in mind : his new room. He went on to spend a month with his father, who lives in Briançon”, she explained.

Mathilde Seigner, who is in a relationship with the cameraman Mathieu Small for over ten years, has shared the company of her son Louis with her husband during the confinement. In effect, they had decided to no longer live under the same roof. “In a couple can love one another very much from far away, without being obliged to share the daily routine. Once and for all, I decided to look on the bright side, while I see a lot of people around me who are very scared of this virus,” she told Paris Match.

For his health and that of his family, Mathilde Seigner said “to continue to live the same way,” and remains confined. “You have to stop once and for all to bisouiller and spinning of microbes. As far as I know, the coronavirus has not planned to déconfiner on the 11th of may ! The positive side of this period, if there is one, is that I had the chance to see Paris as I had never yet seen, and this does not happen can be more never. A Paris post-war, a ghost town, but so beautiful”, details the French actress.

Mathilde Seigner said about his son Louis last June. In the pages of Gala, she explained that her adolescent was “rather a geek”. “This is the time. All young people are plugged into their video games, such as Fortnite, they don’t read so much or less than we at their age. But, I’m a little old who speaks !”, had she entrusted.