Matilda de angelis talks about her boyfriend rapper – exclusive

Matilda de angelis talks about her boyfriend rapper - exclusive

The actress opens her heart in a long exclusive interview today. In which he speaks of love, work and…matilda de angelis becomes known as never before in an exclusive interview today in the newsstand. Speaks of his name inspired by the “Leon” matilda interpreted by natalie portman, of adolescence with “self-destructive behaviors”, of the artistic beginnings… to the problem of the pimples.

Without filters – photo | videomatilda de angelis, this is who is the actress who seduced amadeus – lookthe work and the pimples – matilda de angelis tells today his artistic debuts: «Unnecessary romance: when you come from a very humble family like mine and work falls into your head, you do it also for money”. And also of the pimples, who showed fair on social: “I have some scars I’m proud of because I’m the story of my battle. Everyone tells me I have a doll face, but it’s not like that.”

Matilda de angelis, the actress of the moment is also a top musician – lookthe boyfriend rapper – matilda de angelis speaks to today also of his boyfriend. Is the rapper nayt, at the William Midnight century: “It is an artist who has a crazy technique and poetics. The aesthetic ritocchini – matilda de angelis comments with today also the abuse of nicole kidman, his partner in «Undoing», says: “She is a beautiful human being and for me can do what she wants.

But I’m even tired of taking a fur off my eyebrows, I have the phobia of everything that changes my face and I’m tired of making up. The full interview is on today in newsstandToday ©Reserved PRODUCTION