Matthieu et laure (married at first glance 2021): disaster after marriage, the expert intervenes

Matthieu et laure (married at first glance 2021): disaster after marriage, the expert intervenes

During the March 29th episode of brides in the first glance 2021, M6 viewers discovered that laure (31 years old), head of business in design, and matthieu (33 years old), head of team Cordiste, got married despite the stress of the candidate. A blockage that unfortunately did not leave her right away as we were able to see on April 5. Last week, the young man was completely blocked by stress.

So he worried about the bride’s family and doubted laure, with which he was compatible with 79%. The former swim champion didn’t know if she liked him. So he woke up, went to the young woman’s daddy and asked for his blessing.

“It’s a limit if I didn’t put a ball on him to make him a smack,” said Laure after I kissed him furtively. Always a little embarrassed, matthieu went to the shooting with his wife. I’m mad, I want to show her I like her,” she said.

Laure has tried to make tips to relax the atmosphere, but nothing has done. I want him to prove to me that we can build something together,” said Laure. They didn’t hide their worries when they saw the matthieu still blocked.

Laure tried to relax, in vain. Pascal sutter experts and dussin estelle attended this disaster. The latter therefore took the beautiful brunette apart to make him become aware of the situation.

She asked her to be himself if he didn’t want to lose his wife and let her know she liked her. Without further delay, he joined him to lay a kiss on his mouth and finally show that he was happy. So it’s accomplices that they shared a dance in front of their loved ones.

When they arrived in their room, they discovered little attention from the laure family. “We’re good, we’re happy, we’re laughing a lot,” said the young man.