Matthieu (married at first glance 2021): “I was blocked, as if I were not in my body” (excluded)

Matthieu (married at first glance 2021):

Monday, March 22, M6 viewers followed the continuation of the adventures of laure (31 years old), head of company in design, and matthieu (33 years old), head of team Cordiste. The two first-time married candidates 2021 were 79% compatible. If he was Zen before the wedding, the participant completely lost his means once in the city hall.

A moment on which he returned to purpeople. With a grain of madness, spontaneous, surprising, with a lot of humor and the most important, which was empathic, with the heart on the hand. You sent him a little word that could have a double meaning.

I was a little afraid of his reaction, but I’m thinking that in this experiment, we can’t cheat. You have to be honest from the very beginning so I stayed myself. It wasn’t better to hide who I was really.

I put what was going on in my head and what made me laugh. Your mom didn’t take the announcement of your wedding. Could you really stop everything if she didn’t accept your union?

He was out of the question that I marry without my parents because we have a very strong connection with my family. At the city hall, you lose your means completely. I get a wall on my head, a house.

I’m realizing what I’m doing and I see everything that’s getting. If I had been told to run, I would have run. The first was: “What am I doing here in this adventure?”

The same thing that made me continue this adventure when my sister enrolled me. I didn’t really realize what I was embarrassing about before the day I was really taking this to the fun. You don’t introduce yourself to your beautiful-family as you notice your mom.

I feel like a little kid who goes to school with her mom and she asks her to stand and be natural. I don’t know why I got this block, why I couldn’t be myself. I have to recognize that it’s very hard for me to look at the pictures.

What did you think of laure at first glance? I felt like I was looking at her, but when I see the pictures, it’s true that I’m cold, I’m leaking her eyes a little bit and I’m embarrassed. I was afraid not to please him, fear of his judgment and that of his family.

I wanted to get a little serious and enjoy at all costs. But with stress it’s not obvious, we can’t imagine what’s happening at that time in our head. I wanted to be myself, say something funny, something to relax.

But in the end, I was completely blocked. It’s like I’m not in my body. Did you realize that this could harm you at that time?

I thought I had to try to say something or at least make a little smile. Before the end of the show, you can see that you want to say something to the laure before it gives its answer. I watched the hour and I saw that I had to get a ticket for the parking meter, otherwise I was going to get a fine (laughs.)

I had to kick my ass and go ahead or I would have done all this for nothing. Wasn’t the presence of the cameras too difficult to handle? I was basically talking to my journalist who was there.

I didn’t ask myself any questions about what they were filming or I didn’t say ‘I might not have to say or do that.’ Exclusive content cannot be recovered without the mention of