Max bossetti, the super expertise for process review – exclusive

Max bossetti, the super expertise for process review - exclusive

The mason of maple is at life for the murder of the 13-year-old yara gambirasio. But now the new revelations could change the cards at the tablefor maximum bosses, Wednesday 19 May will be one of the most dramatic days of his life. Or all the high resolution video and photographic material made during the investigations from the ris.

To the defenders were delivered only faded photocopies. To all the findings has never been allowed access to the defenders, they say lifesavings and camps. Max bossetti, the clamorous complaint of his lawyers – exclusivetwo phases – a superperience that will proceed in at least two stages.

Fundamental traits to find out if bossetti is victim of a clamorous judicial error or is guilty because they were extracted from the yara briefs and leggings. They’re the ones that led to unknown 1 and the indictment of bosses. Max bossetti, speaks sister twin – exclusivethe conservation of the finds – but the real battle in the court of Assise will explode on the state of conservation of the genetic findings with a fundamental question.

Even the profane was explained that organic material should be kept at a temperature of less than 20 degrees. In bergamo for a year and a half is kept at room temperature, in summer and in winter! Why are the inspectors of the ministry populated in the office of the rough reading pm?

In many already speak of an imminent scandal and complaints for procedural fraud.