Medium : What happens to Ariel and Bridgette, the “girls” of Patricia Arquette ?

Difficult to lead a life of healthy family while putting his gifts psychics in the service of justice. And yet, this is what Allison DuBois, as embodied by the brilliant Patricia Arquette, during the seven seasons – 130 episodes ! – the Medium series. She who saw and heard the dead well despite she had decided to help the police forces of the city of Phoenix, Arizona, despite the reluctance of officers to the more down-to-earth. And once back at the house, remained to manage homework, school problems, her daughters and the tensions conjugal which prevailed from time to time between her and her husband Joe – who dared to flirt with colleagues… knowing that Madame had the power to discover everything.

There is no daily ideal, and Allison DuBois is well aware of this. For help, to the poster of the series, three young actresses playing his daughters. Sofia Vladimirovna Vassilieva was Ariel and Maria Lark interpreted Bridgette. Mary, youngest of the clan, which came on the later, has come to life thanks to the actions of two twin sisters – as often happens in the american series – Miranda and Madison Carabello. But in all that little band, a single seed of talent has decided to flourish within the media landscape.

Small favorite in the clan, DuBois, Bridgette – the youngest daughter of Allison – has a role in the result of its passage through the Medium series, in a program certified Disney called Kirby Buckets. Today, it was 22 years ago. It describes itself on the social networks, as a “former actress”. After having shared in the adventures of Patricia Arquette,the twins Carabello had also tried to transform the trial by integrating an ephemeral cast of Pretty Little Liar. But these two episodes are the last of their journey.

Sofia Vassilieva, in contrast, has not fallen in the arms. At the age of 27, she has the appearances. New York, judicial police, Stalker, Lucifer, Supergirl, strung together in his filmography. She went on to get roles headlights in the movies, Bad Stepmother and Russian American. And if you were hoping to see it soon in a beautiful production at the cinema, hold on ! In 2021, she will be the poster for the film The Little Things by John Lee Hancock, from… Denzel Washington, Jared Leto and the oscar-winning Rami Malek. Difficult to know if, in his best visions, Allison DuBois dreamed of a better future for his daughter…