Meghan and harry celebrate 3 years of marriage: anniversary with a special gift

Meghan and harry celebrate 3 years of marriage: anniversary with a special gift

It’s been three years since he consecrated meghan markle and harry of land husband and wife. The couple celebrated the wedding on May 19, 2018 in the st george chapel of the castle of windsor. She has never been really accepted into the family and has weighed a lot on the continuous comparison with kate middleton.

The life of the couple has also gone on, even if it has taken really unexpected ways. First there was the megxit: the two flew at the time of montecito, leaving the royal family and taking distance from them. Then there was the interview released to oprah winfrey, with which they definitively sanctioned the break with the royals, making very strong statements.

And on the day of their third anniversary a new initiative was given. The gift of harry and meghanLast year, sussex had to renounce the celebrations of their second wedding anniversary, due to the health emergency. This year things have changed a lot: The duchess is waiting for his second daughter and the relations with the family of harry are very compromised.

The couple this time celebrated announcing a new initiative: a new philanthropic project from their archewell foundation. Will open a rescue center in mumbai, india, in collaboration with the world central kitchen. Among other things, it is also myna mahila, an Indian organization focused on the health of women and the opportunities that markle has long supported.

The decision comes as a result of the alarming news concerning the pandemic in the country, proven by peasants and dead. But both you and Harry are very busy also in the projects of their archewell foundation.