Meghan Markle and Harry : a new film about the “Megxit” in preparation

For the third time, Lifetime is going to devote a telefilm prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As reported in various media on 11 may 2020, including the Daily Mail, the american chain is preparing a new film on the Megxit entitled Harry & Meghan : Escaping the Palace (that can be translate by Harry, and Meghan : escape from the palace). This fiction will feature “the separation controversial of torque with the crown, after the birth of his son Archie”.

“The film details the difficulties of young parents and the unique challenge of being part of the royal family, which eventually leads Harry and Meghan to give up their royal titles to start a new life under their own terms”, he specified. No information has yet been given on the date of release of this tv movie, or even on the casting, the production has certainly been suspended because of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

Perhaps this new film will take-t-he be the last official trip of prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their little Archie in South Africa last September ? It is at this time that the couple had entrusted him with emotion its difficult to manage the media pressure. The Sussex were then granted an extended break in Canada, where they had announced in January their desire to take their distances with the british monarchy.

After several weeks of intensive discussions with queen Elizabeth and prince Charles, Harry and Meghan have agreed to renounce their titles of royal highnesses to win their independence. Last march, in our sole discretion, the couple settled in the luxurious californian villa of producer Tyler Perry, where he began his new life post-Megxit.

The first film devoted to the beginning of their romance, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, had been released in the spring of 2018, just days before the couple’s wedding at Windsor. The actors Parisa Fitz-Henley and Murray Fraser had assumed the roles of the actress became a duchess, and that of the prince. The second telefilm, Harry & Meghan: Becoming a Royal, featuring the first few months of the couple’s marriage, had been unveiled in may 2019. Other actors had interpreted the duke and duchess of Sussex : Tiffany Smith, and Charlie Field.