Meghan Markle and Harry : Huge bills left behind after their departure

Meghan Markle and prince Harry just celebrated their two years of marriage. A ceremony to millions of dollars sent across the world. Today, the champagne is not bubbly any more, the bells of Windsor are quiet and the spouses Sussex are far from the royal family, the ones who come to settle in California with their son Archie (1 year).

Norman Baker, a former member of the british parliament, believed that the two years of the life of prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the United Kingdom have cost “more than 44 million pounds” to the taxpayers of british, more than 49 million euros. With the Megxit, the crown had promised to no longer fund the life of the couple (mainly safety) with public money. But according to Norman Baker, this would be “not so simple”.

The calculation gives a headache. With the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage (2.4 million pounds in total), Meghan and Harry were committed to pay 18, 000 pounds per month to repay their debt. They have already started to pay, but the politician explained to the Daily Mail that it will take “25 years” to pay for this big bill, already advanced by the taxpayer.

Employees, security, marriage…

Add to this the cost of staff, some of whom were employed by the crown. Until 31 march, when Sussex have ceased all activity royale, a team of 15 people (communication, secretarial, nurse…) has been acknowledged. Their salaries over the past two years in the United Kingdom amounted to 592,000 pounds.

Their security fees to be added to this bill. For two years, Meghan and Harry have enjoyed a security in the near future and guaranteed by the forces of the order of the british, particularly during their marriage or official travel. Even today, it remains a bill of £ 7 million.

Added to this, the many trips by private jet to Harry (which could go up to 4 trips in 11 days), estimated at 1 million pounds, but most importantly, the centerpiece of the puzzle : their marriage. Norman Baker believes that it would have cost 33.5 million pounds (37 million euros), of which the vast majority went to the safety of the couple. Meghan and Harry would not have spent that 2 million, for their clothes. Sacred invoice.