Meghan markle and harry on their guards: the police called home. Nine times!

Meghan markle and harry on their guards: the police called home. Nine times!

They fled the monarchy in the hope of a more peaceful family life, away from the tabloids but the prince harry and meghan markle are not so quiet in their large villa of Montecito. As several media reports on 8 April 2021, including the daily mail, the santa barbara police was called from home nine times in the space of nine months. Every time in the early morning, there was a telephone request and four automatic calls triggered by a security alarm.

Another appeal was raised in August and then in November. In the afternoon of December 24, 2020, officers were called to meghan markle and harry after a man tried to enter their homes: an American from the atom of the ohio, a certain nickolas brooks, who was first released with a warning. The same man went to the sussex on 26 December, in the middle of the afternoon.

He was arrested for intrusion offences this time, before explaining that he had acted under the influence of drugs. The sussex security alarm was triggered for the last time in the middle of the night on February 16. It was a shock to meduring their interview with truth with oprah winfrey, broadcast on 7 March on American television, the Prince harry and meghan markle spoke precisely about their security concerns, now that they left the monarchy for good.

“the explanation [on the side of the monarchy, ndlr] is the change of status, to which I replied, ‘Is there a change in the threat or risk? ‘, had entrusted the prince harry to oprah winfrey. More recently, the Prince harry has won a well-paid job in a start-up.

However, despite the extent of their estate, the size of their Californian villa in an ultra-secured private area, the sussex are visibly in regular contact with the police.