Meghan Markle : Its just ignored by the royal family ? Sophie of Wessex insane

Since that Sussex have taken their distances with the british monarchy, there have been few comments from other members of the royal family. In a new interview with the Times, the June 6, 2020, the countess Sophie of Wessex, the aunt of prince Harry, is briefly outlined on this departure which shook the clan Windsor in the beginning of the year.

To believe the wife of prince Edward, aged 55 years, the royal family has well and tried to help Meghan Markle to fit in, to no avail… “We are all trying to help a new member of the family. I just hope that they will be happy, first stated Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones, the former in charge of public relations, who joined Crown in 1999 after his marriage with the youngest son of queen Elizabeth. Remember, I have taken five years for me to adjust and, during the six months that lasted our engagement, I had even installed at Buckingham palace. We do not necessarily know how it will turn out.” Since then, Sophie and prince Edward have had two children, Lady Louise and James (16 and 12 years).

The queen is now based on the Wessex, which until then had been rather discreet, to which it entrusts more missions since they can no longer count on the support of Meghan and Harry, or on that of his son, prince Andrew, since he has been the subject of accusations of sexual assault on a minor.

A Meghan too demanding ?

Despite the support that the royal family would have tried to bring him in, Meghan Markle has not managed to establish a place within the clan. In the Face of the sharp criticism which it is the target in the tabloids, and, soon after her engagement with prince Harry in the fall of 2017, the ex-american actress to consider her husband’s family did nothing to help. Worse, it would have been at a disadvantage compared to Kate Middleton, who has recently received the support of Kensington palace after an unflattering picture in the magazine Tatler.

“Meghan said that it is very telling. She explained that this was one of the reasons why Harry and she had left royal life, has reported a supposed friend of the duchess in the Daily Mail. A lack of support and total disregard for his grief and his anguish when she was attacked in the media. Meghan has said that, rather than supporting, and they gave her the feeling that she asked too much, expected too much, when all she wanted was the support of the government in power.” After announcing their desire for emancipation in January, the duke and duchess of Sussex are installed with their son Archie (1 year) in a comfortable villa of Los Angeles, in the hope of a more peaceful life.