Meghan Markle : New “love letter” to his English friends from Los Angeles

Although it is discrete since she went to live in his Los Angeles home last march, Meghan Markle keeps in touch with some of the associations that she supported when she was still an active member of the british royal family. As reported by the british newspaper The Evening Standard on 14 June 2020, the U.s. sent a letter to the Hubb Community Kitchen, a charitable organization founded by survivors of the fire of the tower Grenfell, in the West of London. There are now three years old, 72 people living in the building had died.

“I look back to the time where I have you all encountered and how you have all come together in the aftermath of this that you have lived in your community, was first written Meghan Markle. And today, what you have done is such a great source of inspiration you continue to give, you continue to act with love, ( … ). I am so proud of you, just like Harry. We send you all our love from the other side of the Atlantic and we are thinking of you today, because I am sure that this is a difficult day, but it is also a day where you can see everything you have accomplished during these past three years, and see how you continue to give and be an example for all those around you.”

Support the Hubb Community Kitchen was the first commitment in the solo of the duchess of Sussex, three months after her royal wedding with Harry, celebrated in may 2018. Itself passionate about cooking, Meghan Markle was associated with women members of the association for the publication of a cookbook became a best-seller. Alone as well as accompanied her husband, the ex-actress had then made several visits to the premises of the organization. In April last, from his comfortable californian villa, Meghan Markle had shared a video call to Zoom to evoke the mobilisation of the association during the confinement.

The duchess of Sussex is not the only celebrity to have commemorated the 3 years of the fire of the tower, Grenfell. In a video posted on the YouTube account of the group Grenfell United, singer Adele has also reiterated its support to the survivors of this tragedy : “I want you to send my love to all today and let you know that I think of you, as always. Even if we have to do it virtually, it is very important to cry together and remember this night”, he shared british star, also installed in Los Angeles.