Melania laurent mom, she explains the choice of her two children’s first names

Melania laurent mom, she explains the choice of her two children's first names

But of course, laurent melania pays particular attention to the education of its two children, leo and Milla, 8 years and a year and a half. “I don’t put too much pressure on me, because there’s something wrong, she explains. I have a word of order: make sure that, when I sleep my daughter, she laughs and, when she wakes up, she smiles.

If it works, it means there was not too much stress in the day. These are the most given names in franceLaurent melania, which rarely refers to his family, agreed to continue the confidences a little further. “These are mostly the most given names in france, the 38-year-old actress.

I wanted short names, which are getting older. Leo, it’s cute for a little boy, cool for a teenager, and so sexy for a grandfather. Very activeIt’s gonna take a vintage and a leo to get used to mom’s regular absences.

If she’d rather camouflage herself behind the cameras lately as a filmmaker, Laurent melania is coming back as an actress. Find the interview of the Laurent melania in the magazine Madame figaro, n°1914.