Melanie Da Cruz cash back on the money to Anthony Martial: “I have to pump his money ?”

Melanie Da Cruz has created the surprise by making his return in the world of reality tv. Indeed, the pretty blonde revealed in Secret Story 9 in 2015 is in the casting of the new season of the Marseille VS. the Rest of The world, filmed in July 2020 near Cannes. A return that has made a lot of good publicity, some do not include their participation in the program so that “[his] guy is shielded”. Very excited, the lover of the footballer Anthony Martial has responded.

It is on Snapchat, Wednesday 29th of July 2020, that Melanie Da Cruz took the floor, nettled by the attacks of which it is the target since the announcement of his return. “Anthony, I have not given birth ! Anthony short on a plot and this is not thanks to me !, she first launched. He touches the money, so I have to pump his money, is that it ? You know me very, very badly.” And further : “It is God who has given him, not me. Each has their own way of living or thinking, I’m not concerned of the lives of the people or of their choice.” Finally, the mom of the little Swan (2 years), the fruit of her love with her life partner, shared his “philosophy” on the subject : “It is richer to two, and the wealth, this is not only the money.”

A response that has the merit of being clear and who also meets the tackles recurring on the social networks of internet users calling it “michtonneuse” that is, a woman venal taking advantage of the money and the material possessions of a man. Recall that the ex-acolyte of Coralie Porrovechio, she also in a relationship with a footballer, had left the small screen in 2016, after having participated to Secret Story, The Angels 8 and then Friends Trip 3. Since then, the beautiful was dedicated to his role of influenceuse, linking the product placements, and it has created its brand of shoes, Sy&Me.

Already four years that Melanie Da Cruz file the perfect love with Anthony Martial. And as much time as it suffered under the attacks displaced some. It must be said that the football player of Manchester United earns a salary more than comfortable. In fact, it affects 14 million euros a year, or 1.6 million euros per month, which makes Melanie Da Cruz the wag reality tv that has put the hand on the more beautiful party, just ahead of Camille Schneiderlin and Marylou Sidibé Koh-Lanta.