Michael Jackson : A teenager is his incredible look-alike in the feminine

On the 25th of June, fans of Michael Jackson to commemorate the eleventh anniversary of his death. His name resurfaced in the headlines in the Uk thanks to a young student. Lorun Elisabeth has published a selfie and has received an avalanche of comments, pointing out his resemblance to the deceased king of pop.

Lorun Elisabeth resides in Manchester and has several thousands of subscribers on Twitter and Instagram. She regularly posts selfies and has again presented with his followers on Sunday, August 2, 2020. “Blame it on the boogie” (the title of a song The Jackson 5) writing the teenager of 17 years in the caption of his portrait.

Chance or coincidence, people responded to him by pointing out his resemblance to Michael Jackson.

Hair, eyebrows, and black eyelashes, pale skin and pink lips : it is clear that she is the lookalike of the famous singer. The selfie of Lorun Elisabeth currently has nearly 110,000 likes. “My reaction (…) has always been positive. I saw the funny side, I’m not really the type to get offended, explained Lorun to the Daily Mirror. I find that I looks a lot like Michael Jackson in this photo. So I guess people have thought too and now knows me as ‘the Michael Jackson of women’.”

Always at the Daily Mirror, Lorun entrust not to have resorted to cosmetic surgery : “I was published on Reddit on a publication called ‘surgeries failed’, where it was said that I had to undergo operations to be like him, which is not the case.” That’s clear !