Michel drucker : -12 kilos and “supported by nurses,” her difficult memories of the hospital

Michel drucker : -12 kilos and

At the beginning of the week, france 2 announced a great news: michel drucker will return to our antennas as of March 28. Michel drucker was waiting for this comeback with a lot of impatience. During his convalescence, he even regularly confided his ill-being in the face of his withdrawal of TV trays during various interviews.

And for cause, he was hospitalized several months after being treated for an infectious endocarditis, then for a triple pontage and infection of his scar. I put a lot of time before I looked in the ice,” he confided to our free info. Michel drucker managed to sketch his reflection a long time since he couldn’t even take care of him anymore.

“the only time I went to the bathroom supported by nurses, it was for the toilet that I couldn’t do alone for at least two-three months. When we take a shower, with the buoy I didn’t really see what was in the ice,” he said. It was only when he regained his independence that he had to face the reality of his state.

A real shock for the host: “And then one day, when I was alone, I removed the buoy. And then I saw myself, I figured I’d taken an old-fashioned, and I had a very long hair. I was always told ‘yes but drucker he’s sporty, he’s not doing his age’.

Since then, michel drucker has certainly taken back the hair of the beast.