Michel Hazanavicius said modestly, his flame to Bérénice Béjo

Time passes but the feelings remain good. This is the case, you can be sure, for Michel Hazanavicius and Bérénice Béjo. Guest on the tv show I love you etc, the developer has agreed to answer a few questions of Daphne Bürki, about the evolution of their relationship through the years. And don’t worry. In the words of the song Richard Anthony, it is more than ever in love with his wife ! “I like it more and more… I never asked the question like that, does it, in any case, explained on France 2 on 17 June 2020. It changes, but it does not fail.”

She is his partner, his wife, his muse. Since she has turned to him in the film OSS 117 : Cairo, nest of spyware in 2006, it has more left. As to a possible jealousy on the part of the filmmaker, it is null and void, even if it embraces large icons of the seventh art, such as Jean Dujardin. “In OSS 117, we were not together already, so that would not pose a problem, said Michel Hazanavicius. After I always managed to do kisses person. But they pretend, huh !” True and false. The actress has shared a stage kiss with Omar Sy in the recent Prince Forgotten – a scene which has need of many taken.

We are also making sure that our children do not behave like the daughter and son of well-known people

Michel Hazanavicius was already the father of two children, from her romance with Virginie Lovisone – before the meeting. Simone and Fantine, both her elders, were greeted with joy, Lucien, on June 25, 2008, and Gloria, September 18, 2011, that the director has had with Bérénice Béjo. “I don’t have nannies and does not delegate anything in regards to my children, explained their mom at Marie France magazine. Michel and me are always accompanied to school. Like all parents, we embêtons to ask us what we’re going to eat in the evening and who is going to buy the bread… These rituals are common are essential to our balance. We are also making sure that our children do not behave like the daughter and son of well-known people, but have an attitude normal in their daily lives.” Still, this recipe, created with love, seems to work great…